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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The French Rose will be closed from Sept 2019-July 2020. If you have a gift certificate and need assistance, please text Ingrid: 315-416-5803.


Ingrid Johanns, LMT

Ingrid Johanns is a NYS licensed massage therapist who is passionate about providing the absolute best massage experience she can give - whether you've been seeing her for years or trying her for the first time.   She goes to great lengths to make the whole experience as pleasing and delightful as possible:  from using luxury linens, a heated massage table, and placing fresh flowers in her room,  she makes sure the whole experience makes you feel special and cared for before your massage even begins.

Ingrid's speciality is Trigger Point Therapy - a powerful and effective way to release those painful or sore "knots" in muscles. Trigger point therapy can give almost immediate and long lasting relief to pain caused by these tight / "knotted" muscles. If you've never experienced Trigger Point Therapy before, ask Ingrid about the technique. 

Ingrid customizes each massage to meet the particular needs of each client.  For instance, if a client just needs to destress and would like to "float away on a cloud" for a session, she can provide that kind of meditative massage experience.  If a client has been experiencing chronic tension and soreness and would prefer focused attention on a specific area of the body she will do that as well.  She has also worked with numerous athletes throughout the area to help them "clean out" their muscles to increase their strength and range of motion as well as prepare for races and events.  

Her greatest passion in the realm of massage however, is providing a special comfort and care to cancer patients as well as those who suffer from other serious illnesses and disabilities.  In addition she is specifically drawn to work with parents who have lost a child (even if grown children) or parents who have children that are suffering from a terminal or serious illness, injury or disability.  If you or a loved one are facing any of these situations and would like to receive a massage, please contact Ingrid directly - (315) 416-5803. She offers reduced pricing depending on the situation and need -  please inquire.  

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